Rapture Cream
     "Come Up Gleaming"

       (With real mother of pearl
       and a hint of phosphorus)

From above, you'll look lovingly
iridescent in your ascent.          

From below, you'll look like a    
rising arc of tracer ammo.        

 Available in volume quantities
           October 10, 2011

      (Not available from your
            local Gayomart)


"...but the record of a revelation is not itself revelation but tradition;
and the truth of a tradition depends upon the narrator and can never be more than probable." Edward Herbert of Cherbury (1583-1648)


Tom Davis: "I wake up in
the morning, delighted to
be waking up, read, write,
feed the birds, watch
sports on TV, accepting
the fact that in the foreseeable future I will be
a dead person. ... I want to
remind you that dead people are people too."